Sybil Danning

Sybil Posing with gun
Critics will be shot!

People who do not buy Sybil Danning movies should be shot

Amazon Women on the Moon 1987
Battle Beyond the Stars 1980
Cat in the Cage 1978
Chained Heat 1983
Daughter of Death 1982 [Also known as Julie Darling]
Famous T & A 1999 Very rich links in that page
Herbatel 1999
Hercules 1983
L.A. Bounty 1989
Malibu Express 1984
Naughty Nymphs [Also known as Don't Tell Daddy]
Operation Thunderbolt 1977
Panther Squad
Reform School Girls 1986
The Phantom Empire 1987
The Mercenaries (Kill Castro) 1980
The Long Swift Sword pf Siegfried 1971
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators 1984
They're Playing With Fire 1984
Warrior Queen 1987
VirusX 2011

 If you find a review of a Sybil movie please contact us Some movies where Sybil starred are bad. They are not bad because she starred in them but because they were poorly directed or had low budgets or both. She brought some merit to those movies with her presence. Without her presence they would not be B movies, they would be D movies.

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