Note that Sybil is not the main star in all the movies listed below.  A * means that Sybil is a main character

Amazon Women on the Moon
Battle Beyond the Stars
Cat in the Cage (1978)  *
Chained Heat (1983)
Cuba Crossing (1980) See Note 3
Daughter of Death (1982)  * See Note 2
Don't Tell Daddy (1972) * See Note 4
Famous T And A (19??) *
French Pussycat (1973)
God's Gun (1977) * See Note 6
Herbatel:  (1999)
Hercules (1983)
How To Beat The High Co$t Of Living II (1980) 
Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1986)
Housefrauen Report 1  (1972)
Julie Darling (1982) * See Note 1
Jungle Warriors (1985) 
Kill Castro (1980)See Note 3
L.A. Bounty (1989) *
Lady in Red Kills 7 times  (1972)
Line of Fire (1979)
Malibu Express (1984) *
Naughty Nymphs (1972) *
Night Kill (1980)
Operation Thunderbolt (1978)
Panther Squad (1984)  *
Pistola di Dio (1975) See Note 6
Private Passions (1985)
Reform School Girls (1986)
Run, Run Joe  (1974)
Schulm´┐Żdchen-Report 3 (1972)
Separate Ways (1982)
Sweet Dirty Tony (1981)
Talking Walls (1985)
The Day of the Cobra (1980)
The Four Musketeers (1975)
The Hitchhiker - V. 4 (1983)  *
The Long Swift Sword Of Siegfried (1971) * See note 5
The Man With Bogart's Face (1980) 
The Mercenaries (1980)
The Phantom Empire (1987)
The Salamander (1980)
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1984)
The Swap (1969) 
The Three Musketeers (1974)
The Tomb (1985)
They're Playing With Fire (1984) *Urlaubsreport (1971)
VirusX (2011)
Warrior Queen (1987)
Young Lady Chatterley 2 (1985)

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Sybill Danning in Reform School Girls

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Note 1: Must search in that page for this item. The movie is also known as "Daughter of Death"
Note 2: Movie is also known as "Julie Darling"
Note 3: Movie is also known as: Assignment: Kill Castro , West Crossing, Kill Castro, The Mercenaries, Sweet Dirty Tony ,  Sweet Violent Tony
Note 4:  Movie is also known as "Don't tell Daddy, Naughty Nymphs and Blutjung und liebeshungrig (Young Blood and Love Hungry), Passion Pill Swingers  
Note 5: Movie is also known as "The Erotic Adventures of Siegfried", "The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried", "The Lustful Barbarian;", "Maiden Quest", "The Terrible Swift Sword of Siegfried". In Turkish movie is known as 'Ask Satosu'
Note 6: Movie is also known as " Diamante Lobo / Pistola Di Dio / A Bullet From God /

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