Thank Kami for the blessing of the winning of the forty millions.

1-A.. Consult with Attorney Powers.

2. Buy mother a house and give her a monthly stipend.

2-A. Hire Valtierra

3. Deposit money for the children's education and their patrimony.

4. Buy a piece of land near Mount Shasta.

5. Buy a dwellng in San Francisco.

6. Hire a secretary: She or he to buy a word processor and input all of my poems, short stories, novels and miscellaneous writings.

7. Arrange for the publication of my works. in chronological order.

8. Donate money to the building fund of the Unity Church of Albuquerque.

9. Endow Mie Shu Ou.

10. Endow Julia Pearl.

11. Endow Ron Phillips.

12. Endow Robert Easley.

13. Harpsichord contest of full tuition for one year at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

14. Start book fund at CCSF in father's name.

15. Pay off Henry's debts with the proviso he stay out of debt.

16. Take mother to Europe.

17. Take the children to Italy.

18. Find a wife for myself(?)

19. Donate money to the Konko church. Start a scholarship fund for member students and a fund for those wishing to visit Okoyama.

20. More as needed


bert Wallace Paolinelli


l make a fire."

Pieces of burning seaweed left their pungency hovering as the fire found its draft and we sat down watching it burn. As it burned, casting our shadows on the sand ,we turned to one an