September 25th, 1996

San Francisco, Ca

Dear Henhouseicus,

Cartolinae tuam recibo. End of Latin. Thank you for the post cards and I am sorry I have not answered you sooner, Henry, however, I have been doing a lot of typing--inputting on my PC and doing lots of reading, and, frankly, I have had no desire to write. Let me, therefore, apologize for my laziness, but let me say how much I have appreciated receiving your Latin messages which, with the aid of the dictionary you gave me, I was able to translate and read. I especially liked your card of 23 September with the sentence: Hic mulier est tibi. Thanks. She is a beauty. I will shre her with you.

The reason you are receiving this missive today is that I had to pull out my printer to print 50, single spaced pages of a novel so I can give it to a friend of mine who was in the publishing business for many years in New York, so she can advise on where to submit it. I wrote that novel way back in 1979 in Albuquerque, 17 years ago. I dug it out and worked on it. It is still a fine novel, but a little weak in parts which my (then) inexperience did not allow me to see. However, 17 years and six or seven novels later, I was able to see through my ego and correct what I thought at one time was good.

Last Sunday, I was over in Mill Valley to unload my old footlocker which had many MSS and assorted papers and etceteras. Among the etceteras were many of your letters with the return address of ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS. How well I remember that. Nevertheless, your letters are still intact, if not a bit soggy and that is why I was in MV, to remove the soggy MSS from the footlocker and lay them on the floor of my friend's front room to let them dry. I will have to go back this coming Sunday lwith a box of file folders and thenI don't know what I will do with them. Also among the papers was a short story of yours; I can't now remember the name of it. I was a little sad because many things which I had written from 1970 through 73, alas, were so water logged that I doubt if they will be legible when they are dry. Sic semper stupiditas scriptoris.

I have only worked 3 days since I last saw you and have been living off my credit card and the little UI that I get. However, tomorrow, I have a gig through my agency at PacBel for about 6 days @ $8.00 p.h. It's not much but it is somethig. I have applied for many jobs but have received no invitations to interview.

I accidently printed page one of my novel twice, so I am enclosing page one for your pleasure.

I am humbled that you are reading Winie Ille Pu in Lingua Latina. Good for you, old chap. I wouldn't even try it.

And speaking of reading, let me tell you of a jewel of a find at the Main Library the other day, to wit, A Drummer-Boys's Diary, Comprising Four Years Of Service With The Second Regiment Minnesota Veteran Volunteers, l1861 To 1865 by William Bircher. It is by no means a masterpiece of literary skill. However, he was just 15 yers old in 1861 when he went off as regimental drummer and was just a little over 18 when the war ended. It is a first hand account of life in the ranks during those horrible days of war. There were parts where I was not dry-eyed. If you can find it at UON Reno, by all means, read it. Finished Arthur Koestler's Scum of the EArth, Vol. II of his autobiography and let me tell you that man really suffered through a vile internment in France 1939-40. Read it, too, if you can. Have started on an account of the Battle of New Orleans written by a transplanted Englishman, and thus far, it is pretty good. I want to make a study of the War of 1812 because I am so dieficient in my knowledge of it. I know more about Classical history than I do about US history.

The weather here is getting cold and our usual Indian Summer is, alas, over. I hope this letter finds you in good health, etc.

I'm keeping an eye out for Latin texts for you, thus far I've found nothing.

Be well. Keep your mentula rigida et semper paratus.

Tuus Amico

Roberticus Magnus,



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